Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hymns and Stotras - M S Rajajee - Part V

Sarvavidyaadhipah paatu

Nrisimho rasanaam mama




May Lord Narasimha, who is superior in all forms of education, protect my sense of taste. May He whose face is as beautiful as the Moon, to whom worship is offered by Prahlada, protect my face.

Nrisimhah paatu me kantham

skandhau bhoobharanaantakrit

Divyaastra shobhitabhujo

Nrisimhah paatu me bhujam

May Lord Narasimha protect my throat. He sustains the earth and performs great things. His shoulders are lustrous with divine weapons. May He Protect my shoulders.

Karau me devavarado

Nrisimhah paatu sarvatah

Hridayam yogisaadhyascha

nivaasam paatu me Harih

May the Lord Narasimha who showers boons on the gods, protect my hands and from all sides. May Lord Hari who is attained by the Yogis, protect my heart and my residence.

Madhyam paatu Hiranyaksha


Naabhim me paatu

Nriharisvanaabhi Brahma


May He who tore open the chest and the stomach of the asura, Hiranyakasipu, protect my waist and navel. Brahma, who has arisen from Lord Narasimha’s navel, offers prayers to Him.

Brahmaandakotayah katyaam

yasyaasau paatu me katim

Guhyam me paatu guhyaanaam

mantraanaam guhya roopadhrik

May Lord Narasimha, on whose hips rest various worlds, protect my hips and private parts. He knows all the ‘Mantras’ and secret matters, but He Himself is not visible.

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