Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hymns and Stotras - M S Rajajee- Part II

Baddhvaa kasairyamabhataa bahu bhartsayanti
Karshanti yatra pathi paasasatair yadaa maam
Ekaakinam paravasam chakitam dayaalo
Lakshminrsimha! Mama dehi karaavalambam
I do not know where the attendants of Yama will drag me, thrashing me with whips and binding me with ropes. At that time, I will be alone and have no control over my mind. You are an ocean of compassion. O! Lakshmi Narasimha, at that time (also), You must give me a helping hand and save me.
Andhasya me Britaviveka-mahaadhanasya
chorairmahaabalibhir indriyanaamdheyaih
mohaandhakaara kuhare vinipaatitasya
Lakshminrsimha! Mama dehi karaavalambam
Very powerful thieves called the senses have made me a blind person due to my desires. They have stolen my great treasure called wisdom. They have thrown me into a dark well. I am already blind. There is only great darkness. O! Lakshmi Narasimha, please extend a helping hand and save me.
Lakshmipate! Kamalanaabha! Suresa! Vishno
Yajnesa! Yajna! Madhusoodana! Vishvaroopa!
Brahmanya! Kesava! Janaardana! Vaasudeva!
Lakshminrsimha Mama dehi karaavalambam
O Lord of Lakshmi, You who have a lotus in Your navel, You who are the Lord of all gods, You who have spread all over, You who are the Lord (controller) of all ‘yajnas’, You who Yourself are the ‘Yajna’, You who killed the asura called Madhu, You who have the Universe as Your Form, You who do good to the brahmanas, You who can ensure that there is no rebirth (for us), O! son of Vasudeva, O! Lakshmi Narasimha, extend a helping hand and save me.

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